Our Company

Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. is devoted to materials and surface applications addressed to the consumers and business market. It supports R&D projects by developing specific processes and equipments for each application.

We offer innovative solutions based on nanotechnology adapted to specific developments of our costumers.

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Our Products

Our Main products list:

AN Anti-Fog

Our permanent anti-fog treatment works above all types of ophthalmic lenses and is compatible with antireflective layers.

Anti-fog treatment for different support material also shows high performance and durability

High Vacuum Systems

We build and sell high costumiceable high vacuum systems for material deposition and surface treatments.

Our equipments comprise CVD and PVD technologies, totally automated and friendly user controlled.

AN Black Series

Our newest and more efficient coating to get the lowest friction coefficient, highest wear performance which improves the reability and durability for a great number of materials including plastic and metals.

Our Services

Our company can offer one of the best teams to provide you the bests solutions in coating engineering and nanotechnology of new materials.

SERVICES based in our nano-technology knowledge:

  • To be external R&D department for companies that have not integrated it in their organization.

  • To develop R&D projects for companies based in initial technical clear objectives and a commit timing by the company and us.

  • To help to R&D departments of Companies to find solutions to problems blocking their developments.

  • Consulting.

Coating Services (Nanocoatings)

High Vacuum Machines

Project Development


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