AN Anti-Fog Solutions


High performance Anti-fog


Great durability and resistance

Patented technology

Compatible with a wide range of materials

Fogging is a problem

Let things always be crystal clear. Don’t be blinded by moisture ever again.

Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. achievements

AN has developed a permanent surface treatment that completely prevents blurred images through lenses, glasses or mirrors.

Our solution

AN Anti-Fog Treatment is permanent, and works perfectly even in high humidity. Our solution far exceeds the European standard EN168 and works perfectly on polymeric and glass substrates, raw or coated like  ophthalmic lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coatings.

Enter a world without Fog

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring to your fogged products the ultimate fog free solution. If you are interested in the implementation of the AN Anti-Fog solution on any of your systems, contact us and we’ll begin the technology adaptation steps to produce a first prototype on wich you’ll be able to perform the necessary tests to validate suitability with your sector’s requirements.

Please drop us a line if you need a definitive Anti-Fog solution for your product:

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