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Advanced Nanotechnologies is devoted to providing high-quality materials and surface applications based on nanotechnology.

It supports R&D projects by developing specific processes and equipment for a wide range of applications. We offer specific innovative, solutions based on nanotechnology to boost the development of our customer’s projects.



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Our coatings and products

We build on the expertise of accomplished scientists and highly-skilled engineers to provide the best nanotechnology-based solutions for engineering coatings and the manufacturing of new materials.


Anti-fog Coating

Our permanent anti-fog treatment can be applied to all types of ophthalmic lenses and is compatible with a variety of layers including anti-reflective layers. The anti-fog treatment also supports high performance and durability.

Surface Heater Coating

Our surface heater nano coating offers full light transmittance capabilities and high energy efficiency rates. Discover the potentialities of this nanotechnology and its industrial applications.

Black Low-friction and Wear Resistance Coating

Our newest and most efficient coating attains the lowest friction coefficient rates and highest wear performance. This improves the durability and reliability of a wide range of materials, including plastic and metal.

High Vacuum Machines

We build and sell customizable high vacuum machines for material deposition and surface treatments. Our equipment implements Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technologies which are totally automated as well as user-friendly.

Our services

We aide the R&D departments of other companies to find solutions to problems inhibiting their development.


  • We act as an external department for direct support to companies which require professional counseling in nanotechnology.
  • We develop projects based on nanotechnology for companies by defining a clear set of objectives and fully committing to their timely realization.
  • We offer all the necessary coating equipment (high vacuum machines) to other companies so they can use our technology to coat their own pieces and products.

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