Apply our nanotech industrial solutions to your products

With our nanotech industrial solutions at Advanced Nanotechnologies, we aim to improve product functionality or achieve cost reduction. Therefore, we develop nano-coatings like AN Anti-fog Coating, that prevents surface condensation, and AN Black Low-friction and Wear Resistance Coating, that lengthens the life of industrial parts. Our nanotechnology surface coatings are already being applied successfully on a wide range of materials. We can sell our nanotech solutions patents or give a license to companies so they can benefit from our developments.

Working procedure to benefit from our nanotech industrial solutions

Work with us in new product development projects

Our team of professional scientists is capable of developing new nanotech solutions, nanocoatings, and high vacuum systems to meet our clients’ needs and satisfy both the consumer and the business markets. Milestones of a new product development project from first samples to industrialization:

Milestones for a new product based on nanotech industrial solutions development

Advanced Nanotechnologies can provide you with industrial technology based on engineering nano-coatings that will improve your business profitability and boost the development of your own projects. We are experts in applied physics and materials engineering as well as in the industrial business field. Contact us for more information and details on our methodology and working procedure!

Nanotech industrial solutions for companies
Nanotech industrial solutions for many purposes