The past 9th of May, 2019, during the Automobile de Barcelona, the Catalan Automotive Industry Cluster (CIAC) and the Advanced Materials Cluster (CMAV) organized an Intercluster Conference, a meeting for professionals in the automotive sector from all over Spain. The aim of this meeting was for companies and technology centers to talk about their experience with advanced materials applied to the mobility sector.

During the conference, Antonio Onteniente, C.E.O., and co-founder of Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. did a presentation on chromium nano-coating.

Anti-fog coating is a technology applied on mirrors can have a double function: mirror function and defrost function.

It avoids the condensation on surfaces that occurs due to the change in temperature when steam becomes liquid. Advanced Nanotechnologies has managed to design a nano-coating that avoids this fog, that we all know can be so annoying.

Currently, in all rearview mirrors of cars, a film with screen-printed resistance is added to do the function of defrosting. The nano-coating offers a great advantage in the automotive sector because it makes it unnecessary to incorporate the film since this anti-fog material takes care of all the work. 

This material can reduce costs for automotive companies and it allows more freedom in the design because you can add a “Chrome Heater” in the mirrors.