When filming a movie, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, it’s Murphy’s Law. There is a big number of tasks to do and a large group of people to coordinate. Among the crews, one of the most important ones is the camera crew. To decrease the number of problems that can emerge with the camera equipment, you should have an anti fog lens specifically designed for cinema. 

There are advanced anti-fog lenses for cameras that can be used in very extreme filming conditions. They have been designed and tasted to take shots in impossible angles that are almost impossible to take. Advanced NanoTechnologies has come up with an anti-fog lens for cameras to make it possible to shoot in rainy scenes, outdoors and in cooking scenes.

Why should you use anti fog lens? Causes of fogging in lenses

Fogging is a natural process that occurs in nature and can also be referred to as condensation. Fogging occurs because the air cannot hold the water vapor anymore, which leads to the formation of several condensed water droplets. When it comes to glasses, the surface can also get foggy as a result of condensation.

Fogging in lenses is brought about by water vapor condensation. Condensation occurs when the water vapor from your breath, sweat and ambient humidity gets onto the cold surface of the lenses. With time, the vapor cools, resulting in tiny liquid drops that form a film that you will see as fog.

With changes in temperature, physical activity and relative humidity, they will affect how fast your lenses fog up. Basically, fogging of lenses increases during cold seasons as well as hot and humid days. Physical activity can also increase the possibility of fogging because of sweat, which leads to an increase of humidity around your lenses.

How these anti fog lens work

Many anti-fogging lenses utilize anti-fogging agents. These are chemicals that prevent water condensation. The chemicals reduce surface tension resulting in water being in a non-scattering film and not single droplets.

The anti fog film prevents water vapor from turning into tiny droplets. However, the water vapor will condense with time but the difference is that the process is slowed down. The quality of the treatment will determine the length of the water vapor condensing.

Advantages of our anti fog lens 

Our filters for anti fog lenses for cinema created in the Advanced Nanotechnologies laboratories are a great option to have in hand when filming a movie, series or a TV show. There are 3 main features about our lenses:

  1. 100% transmittance: there is no loss of light. You can film like the filter wasn’t even there. 
  2. Provides perfect netraulity across the visual and infrared spectrum
  3. There is no discoloration or pigmentation. The filters do not affect the colors you are seeking for. 

The sizes we currently work with are 6.6x6x6, 4×5.65 and 4×4 but we can work out a solution for you if you need a bigger or smaller anti fog lens. 

How nanotechnology helps prevent fogging

Having a nano-coating will be crucial, especially when you are in a situation where sunlight is essential. For instance, if you are driving a motorcycle and the weather gets foggy which might lead to an accident. Nano coating is the best anti-fog treatment since it can be used in various surfaces such as mirrors, camera optics, eyeglasses and goggles. 

The technology developed by AN uses a 2 steps process of applying a nano-thin layer of anti fog material and maintenance with a special wipe, also developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies . You can forget to apply sprays or wiping every time you need the lens. Nanotechnology offers commodity and effectiveness

When it comes to glasses, the surface can also get foggy because of condensation. If the glass is warm and comes in contact with warm air, then fog will be produced. This is common in countries that experience very cold weather. Therefore, if you live in a zone that experiences long winters, you have probably witnessed this in the past.

Normally, this situation does not pose any threats in our daily lives. However, the surface of your safety glasses, car mirror or helmet gets fogged could lead to an accident. In such situations, you ought to be extra careful and purchase anti-fog coating that will be your ideal solution.

Other applications of nano glass coating

Nano glass coating used for helmet visors

If you are a motorcycle fanatic, then you wouldn’t wish to have safety issues because of fog. You will have vision impairment because of fog as it may lead to accidents. This may have led you to do some research to find out a possible solution. However, most of those solutions are not long lasting and don’t offer assurance in getting rid of the problem once and for all.

Nano glass coating serves as a permanent anti-fog solution for your helmet visor. You will be able to ride safely without worries of experiencing the effects of fogging.

Nano glass coating on car windows

Cars getting fogged up is another common daily occurrence. This happens when the car windows get cold and the heating system is turned on or if the environment is warm. When this occurs, you will have to take fast action by clearing the glass to continue driving safely.

Many people are fond of using their hands to wipe off the fog or turning on the heating system. These are just temporal solutions as the surface will still get foggy again. You don’t have to worry anymore as nanotechnology has come up with a solution to get rid of this problem for good.

Nano coating in eyeglasses

If you are using eyeglasses daily, you must maintain them from getting fogged up. You could have an accident when your glasses get fogged up while driving a car or riding a bike. For this reason, you must use reliable anti-fog solutions.

Among the various uses and types of products to prevent fogging, AN offers one of the best nanotechnology solutions to film in extreme conditions. If you have any specific project or doubt, contact us and we’ll find a solution!