Swimming goggles get fogged up very often; people who practice this sport are forced to wear them since there is no other way of protecting their eyes from all the harmful chemicals that exist in chlorinated swimming pools; using them is almost essential if they want to be comfortable while practicing the sport. They are always looking for the best and newest anti-fog glasses! If you are a manufacturer looking to solve this uncomfortable problem this article is for you.

Swimmers usually clean their equipment using their hands just to find it fogged up again a few minutes later. And the more time passes, the faster it seems to happen. It can feel as if there is no escape to this issue. Some anti-fog glasses work temporarily but they get foggy again really fast. But now, there is a product in the market that has finally fixed the problem! Continue reading if you want to find out which solution is the best one.

But first, ¿What is causes goggles to get fogged up so much?

Most famous brands like TYR, Speedo or Arena offer anti-fog glasses; they apply a delicate silicone film to all their goggles to avoid the fog, however, this solution doesn’t last very long as you may have seen in the past. The reason is that it is really easy for swimming equipment to get wet and it only takes a few wipes on the inner surface of your goggles to wear off this delicate protection. 

You may think you are doing a good thing when you clean the inside of your lenses but in reality, you are just damaging the internal anti-fog coating. Nonetheless, there is a product in the market that has managed to solve this problem permanently.

Continue reading to find out all the anti-fog solutions that exist out there to maintain your vision crystal clear:

Defogger Spray

Using an anti-fog spray can be a good solution if you don’t want to spend money on getting a new pair of goggles. It’s not a very good fix to the problem because it is not permanent and you have to spray your equipment each time you want to use it, however it corrects the issue at least temporarily.

Some of the brands that offer defogger sprays are Speedo, TYR, Arena or IST. The liquid comes in small and portable bottles that you can take with you everywhere; this can be very convenient for people who travel a lot, for example, professional swimmers. 



Speedo International Ltd. is probably the leading manufacturing brand for swimming gear in the world. The British company produces all type of accessories for the sport, things like bags, caps, towels, etc. Their boomerang symbol can be recognized by basically anyone in the world and has become a synonym for the sport.

They offer an anti-fog solution that comes in a very small bottle, ideal for traveling and carrying it around. The liquid that comes inside is applied inside of the swimming goggles to prevent them to get fogged up during a swim. 

anti fog solution speedo


Product details speedo solution


TYR Anti-Fog Spray

TYR Sport, Inc. is a leading brand for triathlon and swimming gear. The company was founded with a willingness to create the best possible products for the swimwear market. They offer a wide range of accessories for the sport; they produce swimsuits, goggles, caps and all types of equipment to improve the experience of people who practice the sport.

The brand also has an anti-fog solution available for their customers; it’s a liquid that comes inside of a very small spray bottle. It is very easy to use; you just have to apply the content of the product on the surface of your goggles and then you have to wipe them until they are clean again.

TYR anti-fog spray

Product details anti-fog spray TYR


Arena Anti-Fog Spray and Swim

Arena is a german brand created by Horst Dassler, the son of the man who founded Adidas. The visionary businessman decided to create a swimming gear company that grew to become one of the biggest brands in the world today. They offer everything that is needed for the sport: equipment, apparel, and other useful technological devices.

In their stores you can also find an anti-fog spray that solves the fogging problem with a very simple solution; the bottle contains a liquid that reactivates the internal anti-fog coating of your goggles. In comparison to the previous products, this one offers a more advanced solution because there is no need to wipe or rinse the liquid.

Arena anti-fog spray

Product details arena anti fog spray


IST Anti-Fog Spray

IST SPORTS CORP. is one of the world’s most important companies for scuba gear and equipment. The enterprise is probably less known in the world of swimming in comparison to the brands that have been mentioned previously. However, it still offers swimming gear that’s worth checking out!

Their anti-fog spray is probably the smallest out of all the previous ones; it’s very convenient if you need to travel because the weight doesn’t exceed the allowed maximum that airports have determined for travelers.

IST anti-fog spray

Product Details IST anti-fog spray


Other products to defog your goggles


defoged swimming goggles



SBR SPORTS, INC. is an eco-conscious enterprise that specializes in products that promote health and exercise. Their offer is very diverse, it ranges from skin products like lubricants for wetsuits to more common things like sportswear.

One of their signature products is the FOGGIES Anti-Fog Wipes, is an anti-fog towelette that cleans and defogs your lenses simultaneously. It can be used for skiing and swimming goggles, cycling and running lenses, or mask for scuba diving or skiing. 

Product Details Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes


NABAIJI – Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog Marker

NABAIJI is a swimming brand created by a group of decathlon swimmers whose mission is to increase and improve your experience while practicing the sport. Their target is anyone who likes to get in the pool regularly, and your age or your ability don’t matter because their ultimate goal is to make your experience inside the water the best it can be.

This brand offers an entirely different solution. We are talking about a marker that you use to “paint” the outside layer of your goggles. What it does is protect your equipment from getting fogged up while you swim, however, it doesn’t last forever and you have to apply it ever 3-4 hours.

Anti Fog marker Nabaiji


product detail anti fog marker


DIY Anti Fog Solutions


DIY Anti-Fog solutions


Previously we have talked about some commercial products that can fix the inconvenience of having foggy goggles, however, there are also some do it yourself solutions that can spare you a few bucks. Most of these options only require you to search in your bathroom cabinets at home because they utilize conventional personal hygiene products.

  1. Saliva: This corporal fluid that your salivary glands segregate every day can come in handy when your goggles get fogged up. All you need to do is spit or lick the inside of your goggles and then rub and rinse them until they get cleared again.
  2. Shaving Cream: This is a very popular cosmetic cream amongst men and it’s used as a way to facilitate the shaving process. However, you can also defog your goggles by applying a tiny bit on the surface and then rubbing it off until they are crystal clear again. 
  3. Toothpaste: We all use toothpaste every day to clean our teeth so it won’t be too hard for you to find some to clean up your goggles. As with the other products, you just have to apply a tiny bit of the product and rub it out until your equipment is no longer foggy. 
  4. Shampoo: This basic hair care product can also be used to clean your foggy swimming gear, and you don’t have to waste a lot of it because a few drops are more than enough to clear up the surface of your goggles.

This previous products that we just listed are cheap and convenient and will do the job but you have to take into account that the effect won’t last for very long; if you want a permanent solution this is not the way to go. But don’t panic, in the following paragraphs, we will tell you about a new and disrupting technology that will fix this issue for good!

Anti-Fog Coating by Advanced Nanotechnologies


Advanced Nanotechnologies is a pioneer company that specializes in nanocoating for industrial materials and components; what makes them so unique is their implementation of cutting edge technology and intellectual property. Regarding the center of their activity, it is placed on anti-scratch, anti-fog, wear-resistance, and gas barrier solutions. In this article, we will focus on their anti-fog coating.


Advanced Nanotechnologies anti-fog glasses


¿What makes this Anti-Fog Coating different?

The Anti-Fog treatment X-Fog is a technology that has been created and patented by Advanced Nanotechnologies, so it is safe to say that it is a one of a kind product in the market. They have developed a permanent nano-coating that can be used in both plastic and glass substrates.

Their anti-fog glasses are one of a kind; with the help of some anti-fog materials they have managed to create a product that leaves these surfaces “fog-free”. To do it they use a two-step process that consists of creating and maintaining a clear surface.


¿What usages does the product have?

Foggy surfaces occur when the difference between the exterior and interior temperature is too large. In the case swimming goggles, this happens because when we practice the sport we sweat and increase the warmth of our swimming gear, therefore when it comes in contact with the water the difference between the temperature of both elements is too large.

Whenever the last process happens the surface will get fogged up because of the condensation that takes place; that can be a severe problem if for some reason you need to look through the surface that has gotten fogged up; for example, if you are driving and the crystal gets foggy you could have an accident. 

But don’t worry, you can use their solution for many different surfaces. Other objects where you can use it are: 

  • Eyeglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Diving masks
  • motorcycle helmets
  • Mirrors
  • Automobile parts
  • Camera optics

…and many others!


¿How does the solution work?

Advanced Nanotechnologies has developed a two-step process that consists of surface treatment and maintenance. 

  • Surface Treatment: With ultra-high vacuum machines they deposit the anti-fog material. The equipment they use is based on Physical Vapor Deposition which enables the creation of a nano-thin layer of material.
  • Maintenance: This part of the process is essential to create a permanent solution. To maintain the anti-fog effect the resulting substrate must be cleaned with a special wipe that has been costume made by the company.

Anti Fog wipe Advances Nanotechnologies

in a nutshell, our solution uses an anti-fog coating that lasts forever; all you have to do is clean it regularly with our custom made anti-fog wipe. Our product will end your endless consumption of anti-fog sprays for good!


What are the benefits of our X-FOG anti-fog coating 

  • Works perfectly in high temperature and high humidity environments 
  • Full transmittance 
  • Does not affect any anti-reflective coating 
  • Coating does not deteriorate over time 
  • Resistant to chlorine in swimming pools
  •  Zero toxicity
  •  Resists high substrate temperatures 
  • Resists chemical agent


The efficacy of their solution:

We conducted a few tests to prove how efficient the product was, and as you can observe comparing it to other products in the market it is the only one that maintains a clear visibility of 90% over time.

Chart anti fog glasses efficacy


So, ¿What is the best solution to develop anti-fog glasses?

All the anti-fog solutions that have been mentioned in this post solve the problem at least temporarily, however some of them are pricier and some are less permanent. Consumers have to decide for themselves what is the best option for them, and they will most likely choose anti-fog glasses that promise to eliminate the issue forever instead of opting for a quick fix that doesn’t last over time.

We encourage you to think about the long term benefits of using the permanent anti-fog coating developed by advanced nanotechnologies. In our opinion, it is always better to think far into the future instead of thinking of what is easier to do short-term. Sometimes a cheap solution ends up costing you more money.


A little bit more about Advanced Nanotechnologies


Advanced Nanotechnologies Factory


As a company Advances Nanotechnologies offers a wide variety of innovative solutions based on nanotechnology, but they also offer other services like:

  •  Consulting for companies: If your organization requires professional counseling in nanotechnology they can help you; they will act as an external department for direct support on the subject.
  • Project development: They also help enterprises that wish to create something in the field of nanotechnology; they define a clear set of objectives and a structured timeline to follow.
  • Coating equipment: They offer vacuum machines for companies that want to use our coating technology for their products and pieces.

If you are interested in knowing more about Advanced Nanotechnologies check out their

Check out our website Advanced Nanotechnologies there we explain more deeply all of our services, product, and utilities. And if you still have doubts you can also contact us via email or by phone. We are here to help you with our knowledge in nanotechnology in any way that we can!