Advanced Nanotechnologies provides the best anti-fog helmet solution in the market

Owning an anti-fog helmet sounds really attractive if you are a motorcycle owner. Fans of this type of vehicles get their vision impaired due to the fog in the environment. This is an ongoing problem that should be solved due to safety reasons. However, solutions to this problem already exist in the market.

Many modern helmets provide ways of preventing the equipment from getting fogged up. Some of these solutions are air vents, visors that prop open a couple of centimetres, anti-fog visors, etc. There’s also a product in the market that provides a permanent fix, keep reading to find out which one it is!


First of all: ¿Why does the visor gets fogged up?

condensation in home

Surfaces get foggy due to condensation. This phenomenon occurs when warm humid air gets into contact with a cold surface. That’s the reason why windows get fogged up during cold winter. In the case of your helmet, it gets foggy when the air you breathe encounters the cold surface of the visors.

This reaction occurs every day in different aspects of our lives. It happens when we take really hot showers, when we cook, when we boil water, etc. This happens because all of these activities release warm air into the atmosphere and when it collides with a cold the cold surfaces in our home, fog appears.

condensation at home

¿What factors influence condensation?

  • The presence and quantity of moisture in the air
  • The temperature of the environment
  • The temperature of the colliding surfaces


¿What negative consequences does condensation have?

Condensation can be detrimental to our health and to our home. Structural damage inside homes is very prevalent in environments that get fogged up too often. Also, sometimes people experiment health problems like allergies or headaches and have absolutely no idea that condensation might be the reason. 

In the case of helmets or car windows, this problem can be very serious. A lot of accidents have been caused due to impaired vision; when the visors get foggy drivers don’t have enough time to clean them and react to possible threats on the road.

condensation in windows

¿What actions can you take to diminish fogging?

Fogging is a very uncomfortable thing to have to happen inside your home. However, there are some easy and simple actions you can take to avoid this phenomenon from occurring. Ventilation is one of the most obvious but more effective solutions out there. Also, there’s always the option to stop using the products that release warm air into the environment. 

When it comes to the condensation that happens inside your helmet, there are different solutions you can use. However, many of them are not permanent. There’s only one in the market that promises to fix this problem. Keep reading to find out which one it is.

Are you looking for an anti-fog helmet? We have a permanent fix for you!

The only way to make sure your visors won’t get fogged up during your ride is by finding a permanent solution. But don’t worry, you don’t have to look anymore because Advanced Nanotechnologies has already developed the only antifog coating in the market that lasts forever. 

We provide you with the  X-Fog Anti-fog solution that promises to solve all your blurry vision-related problems. The mechanism behind our product is the following:

1.Surface treatment: We apply a nano-thin layer of material onto the surface. We are able to achieve this because of our ultra-high vacuum machines (UHV) that are based on physical vapour deposition.

permanent anti fog advanced nanotechnologies

2. Maintenance: We also provide you with a special wipe specifically developed to maintain the anti-fog effect of the coating. We recommend you to rub your visors before every use to get the best results.


cleaning wipe

¿What makes the anti-fog helmet solution developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies so special?


One of the biggest advantages of our developed solution, besides the fact that it is permanent, is the fact that it can be used for other surfaces and equipment. Some of the appliances where you can use our nanocoating are:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Diving masks
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Mirrors
  • Automobile parts
  • Camera optics


These are only some of the applications you can give to our solution. Nonetheless, this product can be used in various ways. It is up to you and your creativity. Undoubtedly, our nano-coating can be implemented in many different ways. 


¿What other solutions can you find to defog your helmet?

anti-fog helmet

Ventilation: It may sound obvious but a breeze of air can be the solution to this problem. This a cost-free method that you can apply by opening slightly your visors. In order to keep the visors form closing, you should secure them with some tape. Also, you don’t want to open them too much because the excess air could blind you. 

Visors insert: Some helmets come with anti-fog visors. These can help a lot if incorporated, however, some helmets don’t have them. If this is your case, you also have the option of adding visors inserts yourself. Before buying them you need to make sure your helmet has plastic pins that allow you to add the extension.

But, ¿Why do inserts help? They work by creating a small air bubble that prevents fogging from happening. To assure that the solution works you should keep your visors closed. Also, you should beware of any dust that could get in the equipment. 

Anti-fogging masks: These masks can prevent your helmet from getting fogged up because your breath gets trapped inside. However, you need to beware of the one you buy because some of them can make the situation worse. 

Anti-fog visors cleaners: Naturally, cleaning your visors regularly is a good way of keeping them clean and tidy. However, you need to use anti-fog lens cleaners to prevent condensation from happening.. You can find them in wax form or make out of silicon. 

Besides using anti-fog cleaners custom made for helmets, you gravitate towards generic defogging solutions made for other types of glasses and surfaces. In some cases, they can be cheaper without compromising their effectiveness. Also, take into account that if you use glasses yourself you should also apply some of the solutions onto them as well. 

Cleaners for the exterior: Your vision gets blurry because of the fog, however, the exterior of your helmet can also get dirty or wet, which in turn can affect your ability to see clearly. A good solution could be using water repellent sprays, they will get rid of any uncomfortable raindrops that could get in your way.

Regarding which water repellent spray to choose, you should buy ones that are made for cars. The advantage of this product is that, usually, automobile sprays are a lot cheaper than the ones for motorcycles. Nonetheless, it’s your choice, as long as the solution works the brand or product type doesn’t matter.

¿Have you decided what is the best option for you?

anti-fog helmet

The solutions we mentioned above address the fog problem in different ways. Either by displacing the warm exhaled air elsewhere or simply by providing a product that makes the surface resistant to condensation. 

All the previous options solve the fogging problem temporarily, however, it is important that you evaluate if you prefer getting a quick fix or correcting the issue for good.

From all these varieties, the one that assures to erase the fogging permanently is the mechanism developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies. 

¿Do you want to know more about us?

We also offer different nanotechnology-based products for different problems you may encounter. We produce high-vacuum machines adapted to your specific needs, which are very demanded in the automotive business. Additionally, we have low friction and wear-resistant coatings that are very useful to lengthen the life of the materials used in factories.

Nevertheless, if what you’re looking for is an anti-fog helmet solution, our anti-fog coating is the answer to your problems. If you have any questions or want to do an inquiry you can call us to the number: +34 936 67 48 63.