Anti-fog lens filters for cinema

Avoid fogging during motion picture recording


We have developed a new anti-fog lens filters for cameras that can be used in the most extreme conditions. Designed and tested for impossible shooting angles, impossible without this filter.

With our anti-fog filter, you can shoot cooking close-ups without any worries. Perfect for cooking live tv shows among other high humidity scenarios.

Our filters are made in Spain with the most accurate and reliable techniques to fulfil all optical professional standards. Please, find below their features and standard sizes. If you have any special requirements, or you need our technology special effects filter, please, contact us.

Nanotechnology products: Anti-Fog Lens Cinema Filter



100% transmittance

Provides perfect neutrality across the visual and IR spectrum

No colour pigmentation or decolouration


Available sizes





Don’t hesitate to contact us to buy our anti-fog lens filter or see how our anti-fog lens filter can help your business:

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