Anti fog solutions are useful for surfaces that tend to get foggy. People usually use these kind of products to protect their eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, windows, swimming goggles and many more. But there are times when avoiding the fog is particularly important; like when you are driving. 


While you are on the wheel it is vital to protect your windows from the fog, otherwise, your vision could be impaired and you could have an accident. In this article, we will talk about how anti fog solutions can be applied to the Automotive Industry. Keep reading to find out about the only permanent solution in the market.


¿Why do surfaces get foggy?

why surfaces get foggy

Surfaces get foggy due to condensation. This phenomenon occurs when warm humid air makes contact with a cold surface. That’s the reason why your car windows get fogged up during the cold winter. In the case of the front window, it gets foggy when the air of the heating system encounters the cold surface.


Remember that this occurrence will happen every time the warm air present in the atmosphere collides with a cold surface. This is a situation that takes place almost daily, even though we may not always realize it. However, it is especially uncomfortable and even dangerous if it happens when we are driving because our vision gets blocked. 


¿Why are anti fog solutions useful for the Automotive Industry?

automotive industry anti fog solutions

Cars and vehicles, in general, use transparent surfaces for their windows and lamps. Both of these materials can get foggy very easily, especially during winter because of the cold air present in the atmosphere. However, there are anti fog solutions out there that can prevent this from happening. 


Also, while you are driving, the ability to see clearly is vital. Actually, having a good vision may be a matter of life and death. Most of us have probably experienced this situation in the past. During winter it is very common for our front windows to get foggy. And although it might sound surprising the majority of people remove the fog by using their hands or by turning on the air conditioning. 


Nonetheless, the effect of condensation can be properly prevented using the technologies available nowadays. In fact, there is a permanent solution to the problem that has been developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies. Keep reading to know more about it.


¿What anti-fog solutions exist?


There are different types of anti-fog solutions available in the market. You can choose between sprays, waxes, and wipes, however, all of them are temporary. To solve this issue for good, Advanced Nanotechnologies has developed a permanent formula that ensures you won’t have this problem ever again. 


As we have mentioned before, there are also temporary solutions to this problem. The following products are the main articles being sold in the market nowadays.

Temporary Anti Fog Solutions: 


Defogging sprays: These products use a simple mechanism and are very simple to apply. All you need to do is spray the liquid into the desired surface and then wipe it out with a towel or paper. Afterward, you’ll see that the material at hand will be crystal clear again.  


Anti Fog Wipes: These wipes work in a similar way as the sprays. They have a special chemical that eliminates the fog from the material. All you need to do is wipe it onto the surface and the problem will be solved for a while. 


Anti fog Markers: These markers, like the previous solutions, solve the fogging issue temporarily. However, they are very easy to use. All you need to do is “paint” or “color” the surface and then it will be transparent again. 

automotive industry anti fog solutions

All of these products help you to remove the fog for a while but they don’t resolve the problem forever. The next invention we will talk about is permanent.

Permanent Anti Fog Solutions: 


Advanced Nanotechnologies has developed a permanent solution. This is very tempting because if you use this formula you’ll know that the fog-problem will be solved for good. Keep reading to know all the details of this product.


What are the special benefits and advantages of this solution?


  • Works perfectly in high temperature and high humidity environments 
  • Full transmittance 
  • Does not affect any anti-reflective coating 
  • The coating does not deteriorate over time 
  • Resistant to chlorine in swimming pools
  •  Zero toxicity
  •  Resists high substrate temperatures 
  • Resists chemical agent

Two-Step Process:

permanent solution advanced nano

This mechanism consists of two main tasks. First, there is the surface treatment and then there is the maintenance of the surface. 


  • Surface Treatment: With ultra-high vacuum machines the anti-fog material is deposited. This is done with an equipment based on Physical Vapor Deposition which enables the creation of a nano-thin layer of material.


  • Maintenance: The maintenance part of the process is vital to ensure a permanent solution. To prolong the anti-fog effect, the resulting substrate has to be cleaned regularly with a custom made and special wipe. 


What applications does this solution have?


This solution can be used in the automotive industry but it also has other applications. Some of the surfaces where it can be utilized are: 


  • Eyeglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Diving masks
  • motorcycle helmets
  • Mirrors
  • Automobile parts
  • Camera optics

¿What services does Advanced Nanotechnologies offer to the automotive industry?


Advanced Nanotechnologies has many solutions that work for different purposes. We are providers of industrial technology and especially nanotechnology coatings. In the case of the automotive industry, our products can work to prevent the fog but we also have wear-resistant products that could be useful. 

automotive industry solutions

Low friction coatings AN Black: 


This low friction coating can be used in the automotive industry because it can help lengthen the life of industrial parts. A car or vehicle needs to be durable and resistant; to accomplish this objective the coating could be very useful. Also, this product can be applied to metallic and plastic surfaces.

Anti-fog coating: 


As we have previously mentioned, Advanced Nanotechnologies has developed a permanent anti-fog coating that solves the problem of constantly having to remove the fog from your car windows. Also, this technology can be applied to car lamps so that they don’t get foggy and block out the light.


High Vacuum Machines:


Regarding the automotive industry as a whole, we offer coating services that can be applied to several products in order to give them a competitive advantage. Advanced Nanotechnologies takes the lead and provides all the necessary equipment to coat single pieces, small patches, and large pieces. 


The competition within this industry is high so you shouldn’t hesitate in giving your products an added value to make them stand out.


R&D solutions and support

Many companies from a wide range of sectors already have implemented our technologies. In the case of the automotive industry, we have worked with Turbo, Jaguar, Gestamp and many others.

automotive industry advances nanotech

¿Are you interested in getting a competitive advantage within the automotive industry?


We are interested in collaborating with you. Regarding the transportations and vehicle industry, we think our services can help you stand out from the competition. We want to help you develop industrial solutions based on nanotechnology; our coatings will allow you to manufacture innovative products that could shape our future.


Also, we want to participate with you in creating safer vehicles with the help of our anti-fog coating solutions. Now, an impaired vision doesn’t have to be the cause of an accident. We look forward to hearing from you!

 If you have any inquiries or questions don’t think twice and contact us.