Having an anti-scratch coating can be very useful to lengthen the life of various products. We all know that surfaces tend to get scratches very easily. Even if you take very good care of your things, with prolonged use it is inevitable to get a scratch or two.


Nonetheless, Advanced Nanotechnologies has developed an anti-scratch nanocoating. It can be applied to various materials to prevent them from getting damaged by constant use. Keep reading to find out everything about this new product.

Why do surfaces get scratched?

Surfaces get scratched when they come into contact with an outside agent. A scratch is basically a cut with a certain depth. The deeper the cut, the harder it will be to make it disappear with paint or something else.


We will explain to you the different types of cut damage that can be done to a surface. In order to make it easier for you to understand, we will use the automotive industry as an example. Keep reading to find out all about the different types of scratches:

surface damages cars

Level 1: Clear Coat Scratch


This type of scratch is very surface-level. Usually, it happens when a surface gets into contact with another one that is not too rough. They aren’t profound so sometimes they are even hard to see. These ones are the ones you can eliminate the easiest. Sometimes all it takes is light buffing or polishing the surface with your hand. 


Level 2: Paint Scratch


This type of scratch is considerably deeper and more visible than the one we previously mentioned. In the case of cars, they usually get this kind of damage when they get cleaned at a car wash. Sometimes these automized cleaners are in poor conditions and they scratch the vehicles as a result. However, this kind of marks can be removed by a polishing machine.

Level 3: Deeper Paint Scratch


This kind of scratch is more profound than the level 2 kind, but it is still at the level of the paint. You can identify this kind of damage because you won’t see a different color behind it. 


Because of this, it won’t be necessary to apply another layer of paint to make it go away. Nonetheless, it won’t be possible to make it disappear completely since the outer paint layer has been compromised. 


Level 4:  Primer Level Scratch


This type of surface damage is considerably deeper than the ones we mentioned previously. In this case, the scratch will have gone into the primer level and will have gone through the paint. 


You’ll know the scratch is at the primer level because you will be able to see a different color beneath the paint layer. In this case, you will have to use a paint layer to remove the mark completely. 


Level 5: Deep Paint Scratch


When you see this scratch you will be able to identify it because a metal color will be visible. Also, no polishing mechanism or wax will be able to remove it; the only effective solution is applying an outside layer of paint. In this case, it is important that you fix the damage fast because otherwise, the surface could get rusty.


¿What is an anti-scratch coating?


Now that we have established clearly what kind of scratches can be caused to surfaces, we can explain to you what an anti-scratch coating is and why is it so useful. Remember that this product aims to protect and lengthen the life of your products; your car, your motorcycle, your windows, etc. 


Basically an anti-scratch coating is a series of microscopic substrates that are applied to the surface in question. The main purpose of this product is to avoid possible scratches; like the ones we previously mentioned. 

Benefits of the anti-scratch coating by Advanced Nanotechnologies 

The anti-scratch nanocoating developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies has many advantages and benefits. Its main properties are the following ones:

  1. Full transparent coating
  2. High resistance to scratch and abrasion
  3. Nano-metric thickness
  4. Homogeneous and capable process

anti-scratch nanocoating

Also, this nanocoating can be applied to a various set of surfaces. The areas of application are: 

  • Automotive parts
  • Public transport such as trains and trams
  • Aerospace components
  • Building facades
  • Interiors such as kitchens and bathroom

As you can see, this anti-scratch coating developed by Advances Nanotechnologies is applicable to many industries and product types. Previously, we mentioned the main ones, however, the way you use this product and how creative you can be is up to you. ¡Use your imagination and create outstanding products!

Anti-scratch Coating and nanotechnology to improve the quality of your product

If you are thinking about using nanotechnology to improve your products and get ahead of your competition don’t hesitate for a second and work with Advanced Nanotechnologies. We offer a wide range of services and products that can be really useful in various industries. Below we will give out information about some of them:


Anti-scratch nanocoating: Our signature anti-scratch nanocoating is the one we just mentioned before. It can be useful in the automotive industry because cars tend to get a lot of scratches. However, you can also use it in domestic products; they tend to get marks very often as well.


Anti-fog nanocoating: We have an antifog coating that is very useful because is a permanent solution to the fog problem of surfaces. This product consists of a two-step process: First, you have to apply the coating to the surface, and then you have to rub it regularly with a custom-made towel to maintain the anti-fog effect.  


Surface heater coating: This coating has full light transmittance capabilities and high energy efficiency rates. It is a product that has many potential uses for various industries. To know more about this product you just have contact Advanced Nanotechnologies, we will answer all your questions!


Anti-fog lens for cinema: Advanced Nanotechnologies specially made this coating for cameras lenses; to make it possible to record in extreme weather conditions. The anti-fog lens for cinema is very useful for directors who want to film scenes with rain, cooking scenes with vapor or just record in the outdoors. Don’t let the weather be an obstacle and create the perfect film!


Anti-friction and Wear-resistant coating: The low friction coating AN Black is a product that can be used in various industries; it is particularly useful for fabricants of sliding surfaces and machine parts. The main properties of this product are the following: low friction, wear-resistant, abrasion-resistant and effectiveness in metal and plastic.


Some sectors where it can be applied are: the automotive, chemical, investigation, optical/ophthalmic, printed electronics, printers, sports and many more. Basically, it is useful in any industry where products have to be especially resistant to wear. 


High Vacuum Machines: Advanced Nanotechnologies also produces optimal and high vacuum machines. Also, it creates various systems adaptable to your particular needs. In the automotive industry, for example, these machines are used to provide power to the breaks; to implement the so-called “vacuum servo”. 

coatings advanced nanotechnologies

¿Are you ready to give your products a competitive advantage?


If you are sure and convinced of getting ahead of your competition, and give your product a competitive advantage don’t hesitate in contacting Advanced Nanotechnologies. If you work in an industry like sports, cinema, electrical, optical or any other, we can help you!

We are pioneers in using nanotechnology for industrial purposes and we are willing to fuse our knowledge with your experience to help you develop the most innovative products and projects. Contact us and let’s have a conversation!