Nobody thought that a solution that was initially developed to eliminate the fogging for refrigerator doors in supermarkets would become one of the most functional and importan technologies, with a broad spectrum of applications. We are talking about the anti fog for cars. Nowadays, nanotechnology plays a very important role in its development, allowing applications for a permanent coating that are much more relevant now, than in the beginning, since the coronavirus impacted people’s lifestyle in the world.

The anti fogging solution from Advances Nanotechnologies is the best alternative in the market for good visibility. The chemical agent prevents fogging on different kind of surfaces where they can be applied. Would you like to know how does the anti fog coating developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies work, their benefits and uses? Please, keep reading.


Benefits and advantages of the anti fog for cars

Anti fog treatment refers to all the chemical compounds that help preventing condensation of water on the surface of lenses, windows or mirrors. Nanotechnology plays an important role in the performance of anti fog for cars and, above all, its application. Let’s check some benefits of the technology.

Improve visibility through windows, mirrors and windshield

In the safety concern, using anti fog for cars increases road visibility. It is the best way to ensure your safety and the life of people around you when you drive. In spite of your car having the best headlights or anti-fog lights, the probability of fogging increases the chances of accidents because of poor visibility.

In other words:

  • Can avoid crashes occur: it is one of the reasons good visibility is important when you drive. At night, or during a storm, visibility decreases; if you find objects on the road, or any car, or person, crossing the road, an accident can occur. The situation is worst if the visibility is limited because windshields, mirrors, and windows are fogging.
  • Good visibility also limits braking suddenly: if you have good visibility and better lighting, you can see objects on the road, even from far; so you can reduce the velocity and brake on time. It doesn’t matter how fast you are driving. Not seeing clearly will avoid you take the corresponding actions. Even if the accident is avoided, the life of the braking system of your car will be reduced in fact.
  • Blind spot collisions are more common than people think. Blind spots become worst when visibility decreases. If there is bad weather or the night is extremely dark, and the windshield and windows are fogging, the probability of an accident increases. Increasing visibility will help you to limit car accidents because of blind spots.


Other anti fog advantages

  • Anti fog solutions are available in the market in different types of presentations as temporary or permanent solutions. You can select the most convenient according to your needs and budget.
  • Products can be easy to use and apply.
  • Technology can be used in a wide range of applications, improving the use of conventional accessories like eyeglasses and related products. Also for the treatment of diving masks, motorcycle helmets, camera optics, etc.
  • Applied on protective eyewear and helmets help to prevent workplace personal injury. Also, prevents waste of time that would lead to a decrease of productivity.
  • Their application does not affect anti-reflective coating in the lenses.
  • Coating is stable over time, impacts resistance, and offers a beautiful optical clarity.
  • No toxic components. The chemicals used are safe for humans.
  • Coating resists chlorine in swimming pools and other chemical agents.
  • Anti fog coating is unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
  • Improves product appeal, avoiding the appearance of the package that can discourage the buyer.

Anti fogging agents and new applications

Permanent anti fog solutions, based on nanotechnology, have found amazing new applications improving accessories used to attend new health regulations for coronavirus pandemic.

In many European countries it’s mandatory the use of masks in public spaces. For people that wear prescription glasses, the mask is a problem because it fogs up the lens, making it uncomfortable to wear. Fogging up can be stopped using anti fog treatment on the lenses; it became a permanent solution for the lens, even when wearing a face mask.

Another great application is the protective face masks for the healthcare sector or personal use. This product uses anti fog solutions on the window, replaceable filters and a special UV disinfection base that eliminate bacteria while recharging the battery.

Also, face masks, with clear windows for more visible expression, have been specially designed for the deaf hard of hearing, and mute people. The coating is applied in a very thin layer in order to assure optimal visual clarity.


Anti fogging agents for Virtual Reality

X-FOG™, anti fog coating solution, to solve the fogging of VR headsets and other devices that are caused by the condensing moisture that occurs due to large temperature differences between the outer and inner sides.

These permanent anti fog solutions require the use of an ultra-high vacuum machine in order to deposit the anti fogging agent on the surface to be treated. After that, The coating is stable and resistible; the lens treated can be cleaned with a special wipe, keeping the coating of the nanoparticles unalterable.

Anti fog for cars and more products related to nanotechnology improvements can do a substantial change on our society if we apply them in every field.

Virutal reality anti fog

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