The global food production and processing industry has a big obligation to feed billions of people in the whole world. Luckly, with high vacuum machines, this challenge is solved with efficiency and innovation. The main aim of the food industry is to see to it that its consumers receive a safe, stable and affordable food supply. They aim at ensuring that their consumers are satisfied with what they produce.

The packaging and processing sector is currently under pressure to increase production costs due to various factors. These factors include the fluctuation of raw materials in the market and the constantly evolving food safety regulations. The negative attention that the packaging and processing sector is receiving is also a factor that affects it. For the food production and processing industry to remain stable, it must adjust to the numerous demands and evolve whenever necessary.

It is important to note that some of these factors are beyond the control of this industry while others are manageable. However, one most important aspect that keeps the company afloat despite all these is the type of equipment they use. The companies must use faster and updated equipment which quickens the packaging and processing process. Faulty equipment will likely slow down the cycle times and cause hitches in maintenance, which will negatively affect the profitability of the industry.

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The Application of High Vacuum Machines in the Food Industry

The packaging and processing sector largely depends on the vacuum for service delivery efficiency and effectiveness. The food industry optimizes the vacuum equipment to see to it that it maximises productivity and minimises maintenance. In the packaging and processing of most foods, there must be a production of waste that needs immediate disposal.

Most food companies understand the importance of this machine and that is why almost all industries have it. Cleanliness is essential in food industries and the vacuum pump quickly and automatically gets rid of waste production. In this article, you shall read about applying high vacuum equipment in the food industry.

1. Poultry Processing

The process of weighing and portioning food produces waste that needs disposal as quickly as possible. When weighing chicken breast fillets that involve transportation of individual portions by belt, they produce aft and liquid waste, which needs automatic disposal. The vacuum pump becomes useful at this stage as it clears this waste and properly disposes of it.

2. Vacuum Cutters

When producing sausage, the process involves a lot of cutting and mixing. The meat mixture needs to be cut into small pieces and mixed evenly with various spices that will be the end product of the sausage. The pump is useful in the extraction of air during the chopping and mixing stage.

Chopping and mixing are important as it prevents oxidization, negatively affecting the appearance and the sausage’s flavour. Vacuum pump 100 bar gets rid of the air. It also has to be insensitive to meat particles and any liquid that is under extraction.

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3. Filling Bottles in Breweries

In brewery companies, they have to ensure that the oxygen contents are as low as possible when filling the beer bottles. Therefore, breweries usually use the following two methods to achieve this; singly or in combination.

Before filling out the bottles, they are usually flushed with CO2, then they use a long tube filler to fill it with beer. By using this method, they consume a large amount of carbon IV oxide. Breweries evacuate bottles and flush them with CO2 to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide since extraction of oxygen is complete.

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4. Cleaning of Vegetables

Before packaging and processing vegetables, the food industry ensures that they clean all the vegetables to meet safety regulations. They then air them out to dry but that is not the case for all vegetables. Vegetables that are sensitive hence easily perishable undergo cleaning with compressed air only.


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5. Deaeration of Mineral Water

When extracting mineral water from natural springs, it usually contains some raw minerals that need extraction before packaging. These minerals include carbonic acid and iron. The iron dissolves in water which when it oxidises, the water will have a weird taste. This is where the vacuum pump becomes useful. It gets rid of the carbonic acid then, later on, reintroduces it to get sparkling water. To achieve a pleasant taste of the mineral water, it needs compression at a pressure of 50 mbar.

6. Filtration Units

To filter and clear liquids, food industries use filtration units. The product requirements will determine the type of filtration membrane that they will use. It can either be Nano-ultra or microfiltration.

There is cross-flow filtration which involves movement of the feed stream across the surface of the membrane due to the difference in pressure between retentate and permeate. High vacuum pumps are useful in the removal of particle deposits on the membrane surface. In turn, the pump generates cross-flow velocity that reduces polarization.

7. Chocolate Production

The vacuum system has uses in the production of chocolate eggs. Before getting the final product, the vacuum is used in different production sections to lift the chocolate eggs and hold them in place. Food industries usually install the vacuum system in a separate room to suck the air-conditioned air found in the production line. For the vacuum to remain effective, they have to contain it at a constant pressure.

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8. Dairy Processing

Vacuum uses dominate almost every food industry. In dairy processing, they need a high vacuum in yoghurt filling machines. The pump places the lids on five pre-filled containers simultaneously. In order to separate and move suction cups in the correct position, the machine grips them tightly.

9. Food Preservation

The best way to preserve food is by cooking them then storing them properly in clean containers. Food industries use a small amount of water to heat vegetables and fruits, generating steam that gets rid of air. This process is conducted under a vacuum so that they can obtain a high product quality.

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10. Ham Drying

There is so much development in food technology that you will hardly find naturally dried ham in the fireplace. Most food industries soak the ham in a curing solution that directly penetrates the meat once the pores undergo air extraction.

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High vacuum machines are very useful in food industries as they serve numerous purposes in different types of food. Most of the processed foods you consume can maintain their good quality due to incorporating the vacuum system in food industries.

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