When surfaces are exposed to friction forces constantly, their friction coefficient increases significantly. Your surfaces need anti friction coating. Applying the coating lowers the risks of friction and extends their service lives.

Irrespective of whether you sufficiently lubricate the parts or not, you enjoy disrupted services and shorter service life.

It results in fewer wear and tear issues, thereby lowering your maintenance costs while protecting your investment. It saves you from the frequent replacement of parts, painting your surfaces which takes both money and time.

What is anti-friction coating?

Anti friction coating is a low friction coating that softens the roughness of surfaces. The coating is a lubricating paint-like product that helps optimize friction. It’s highly effective and reliable in protecting surfaces from scratches.

The coating contains solid lubricant particles distributed through the solvents and resin blends. Their function is to optimize friction between various materials such as plastics, metals, and extreme working conditions.

The coating is mainly used because of its protective qualities and advanced lubrication.


Why implement anti friction coating?

There is a need to reduce friction on surfaces and manage wear and tear in moving parts. Using the coating achieves that goal and reduces noise arising from friction.

Applying quality anti-scratch coating guarantees that your surfaces enjoy a longer life. Besides, you save on maintenance expenses which can be frustrating and increase your operating costs. The coating combines several microscopic substrates that prevent possible scratches on surfaces.

Using anti friction coating protects your components from failure while extending their lubrication intervals. In the long term, you enjoy reduced operating and production costs.

anti friction coating


Is it economical to apply the coating?

The long-term perks you enjoy when using the coating make it a sound investment and an excellent remedy where common lubricants fail. Below are some things to ponder on:

  • Lifetime lubrication without oxidation, aging, or evaporation
  • It prevents rusts on surfaces even without doing surface treatments like galvanizing.
  • High resistance to abrasion and scratch
  • Clean, dry lubrication impervious to moisture, dust, or dirt
  • Full transparent coating
  • Non-staining and non-flammable protection on plastics, metals, or and elastomers.
  • Fully effective lubrication that lasts even during a prolonged shutdown
  • The coating has controlled film thickness making it perfect for load-bearing capabilities


What are the possible application areas?

Fasteners are prone to thread friction both during insertion or subsequent removal. It leads to more tears and wears, increasing your maintenance costs. The anti friction coating makes it easy to tighten the fasteners at high speeds while reducing operator fatigue.

Surfaces and materials significantly benefit from the anti-scratch coating. They enjoy a longer life. These surfaces tend to scratch easily and require good care to prolong their use and effectiveness. 

You can apply the coating on automotive parts, aerospace components, public transportation like trams and trains, building facades, and interior surfaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Alternatively, you can use the coating for fabrication applications like machine parts and sliding surfaces. Industries benefit from the wear-resistance, anti scratch, and abrasion resistance necessary for plastic and metal surfaces.


The purpose of using low friction coating is to prevent scratches on your surfaces.

Advanced nanotechnologies specializes in the anti-scratch coating that improves your products and surface appearance. The coating makes your surfaces stand out and lengthens their life.

For more information about this product and anti friction coating, contact us and we will work together to find a solution that fits you and your business.