With the rise of smartphones, one would think that watches would be extinct by now. However, thanks to emerging new trends in nano technology, watches are more popular than ever. Keep reading to find out how nano technology increases the durability of a watch and how nano coating helps to upgrade the resistance and performance of a watch. But first, what causes watches to get scratched and how does nano coating help to keep watches scratch free?

Why watches get scratched

Imagine this. You just bought a flashy new watch and it is in perfect condition. Because of how trendy the watch looks, you wear it to every occasion and the watch actually compliments your fashion style. However, just a few weeks after buying the watch, you notice some scratches on it. You can’t believe your eyes. It has only lasted a few weeks. You are devastated. So, what causes watches to get scratched easily?

Poor storage

Maybe you are an avid lover of watches and you like to store all your timeless pieces together. However, keeping your brand new watch with the rest may cause it to get scratches especially if the watches have sharp clasps. On top of that, if you store the watches in a portable case, the watches may move around causing scruffs that will leave visible scratches on your watch.


Strenuous activities

Perhaps your new watch is very high end and you can’t help but flex it to your friends and colleagues. Or maybe the expensive watch was a gift from someone you treasure very much and you cannot imagine yourself ever taking it off. As a result, you keep it on your wrist even when you perform strenuous activities like working out, cycling, swimming, basketball, golf, or tennis among many others. In the process of such activities, your watch may get scratched and lose its luster.

How the watch is worn

Do you wear your watch on your wrist or under your wrist? Majority of people wear watches on their wrists so that the face of the watch is out in the open. While there is nothing wrong with that, wearing your watch on your wrist puts it at a higher risk of getting scratched. If you want to extend the life of your watch, start wearing it under your wrist. It will get less scratches and its sheen will last longer too. If John Wick can pull it off, so can you.


Poor wrist awareness

How protective of your wrist are you when you are wearing a watch? Are you careful not to bang your wrist into doorknobs and edges of furniture when you are wearing a watch? Being more careful of your wrist will help you preserve your watch and keep it scratch free for as long as possible.


How nano coating for watches increases the durability of a watch

You may have heard that no matter how careful you are with a watch, it will develop scratches at some point in time due to wear and tear. Does this mean that you should resign to the fact that you will have to buy a new watch after every few months? No way. Nano technology is the best thing that could happen to watches. With the new nano coating for watches, watches can now last longer and resist the forces of wear and tear.

Nano coating is a ceramic coating that is applied on the surface layer of the watch to repel water, dirt, oil, and dry particles. There are many types of nano coating protection such as water proof coating, anti-corrosive coating, anti-reflection coating, and anti-abrasion coating among many others.

watch durability


Why you need to buy a watch that has nano coating

Don’t you think that your posh new watch needs to be protected by the latest nano technology? After all, a watch that exclusive needs to be protected at all costs. Here is what nano coating for watches will do for your watch:

Increase the break resistance of the glass

Have you ever bought a new watch only to accidentally break it a few days later? How disappointing did it feel? Well, nano coating for watches will save you a lot of money and frustration. Nano coated watches have break resistance glass such that in case you accidently bang your wrist against a hard surface, the glass on your watch will remain unharmed.

Improve the scratch resistance of the watch

There is nothing as annoying as a ghastly scratch on a brand new watch. Thanks to technology, the nano coating protects the surface of the watch, improving its hardness and resistance to scratches. You can now keep your watch on you without any fear of it getting accidentally scratched.



Nano coating improves the water resistance of the watch

With a nano coated watch, you do not have to take it off while swimming or doing other strenuous activities. The nano technology makes the coating to be super hydrophobic, thereby allowing your watch to repel any seepage of water.


The coating keeps your watch bubble free

Nano coating for watches will prevent any bubbles from getting inside your screen protector. The coating will keep offer 100 percent proofing against air bubbles, thereby increasing the durability of the watch.

Improve the clarity of the screen

Nano technology causes the small nano particles to smoothen the screen of the watch’s glass. This allows the light hitting the glass screen to travel in a straight line, instead of scattering in all directions, thus upgrading the clarity of the screen.


The coating provides anti-bacterial protection

Did you know that a wrist watch can carry about 8 times more germs than a public toilet? However, thanks to nano technology, you do not have to make up your mind against wearing wrist watches ever again. The coating makes the watch bacteria free and safe and in so doing, prevents you from walking around with an entire colony of bacteria on your wrist.

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