Nano-coatings technology



Get future proof nano structured surfaces with our nanotechnology surface coatings.



AN Anti-fog Coating

Our anti-fog nano-coatings technology is a permanent treatment which works perfectly even in high humidity. Our anti-fog solution far exceeds the European standard EN168 and works perfectly on polymeric and glass substrates, raw or coated like ophthalmic lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coatings. Contact us for anti-fog lens coating, anti-fog coating for glasses or anti-fog coating for automotive lenses!

AN Anti-friction and Wear Resistance Coating

Our anti-friction and wear resistance coating can be applied to metal and plastic parts of a great variety of shapes and sizes. Improve wear resistance and friction coefficient of the surfaces with our nano surface coating. Ask us for more information about how our low friction coatings can help your products to last longer and perform better!


AN Surface Heater Coating

We offer industries a surface heater coating with full light transmittance capabilities and high energy efficiency rates. Interested? Get in touch for detailed information about the potentialities of this nano-technology.

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