A nano glass coating can be necessary if you’re in a situation where having sight is essential. For example, when you are driving a motorcycle or a car because if for some reason the surface gets foggy you could have an accident. For that motive, it is vital for you to find a solution to this problem!


The anti-coating from Advanced Nanotechnologies is the best option in the market, because our solution solves this problem directly and can be used on multiple surfaces like eyeglasses, goggles, mirrors, automobile parts, camera optics and many more. Keep reading to find out everything about this innovative product!

¿Why does the fogging phenomenon occur?


Fogging is the same as condensation and is a natural process that occurs in nature. Clouds, for example, are the result of water condensation. In this case, the phenomenon happens because the air can no longer hold all the contained water vapor and this results in the formation of a series of condensed water droplets. 


In the case of glasses, the surface also gets foggy due to condensation. If it has a low temperature and warm air touches it, it will produce fog. This happens every day, especially in countries with cold wheaters, so if you live in a zone with a long winter you probably have encountered this situation in the past. 


Usually, this situation is not so threatening to our daily life. However, if the surface of our helmet, our car mirror, or our safety glasses gets fogged up, we could have an accident. In these specific cases, we should be extra careful and look for possible solutions. The anti-fog coating developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies is the ideal solution!

types of condensation

¿What applications does a nano glass coating have? 


Now that we have determined the dangers of impaired vision when surfaces get foggy, we will discuss the various applications of our developed solution. It can be used in different types of glass: your helmet visor, your personal glasses, the glass of your car, etc. Let’s see what kind of uses does the anti-fog coating solution have:


Remember that this solution is 100% reliable and permanent.!


Nano glass coating for helmet visors 

helmet visors anti fog

If your helmet visor gets fogged up, safety issues will occur. Impaired vision while driving can be a real problem because you won’t see possible roadblocks, other vehicles or people passing by. Also, it is basically impossible to react to an incoming threat if you’re unable to see. 


If you own a motorcycle you probably have encountered this issue in the past. If you have done a bit of research you also may have found some of the common solutions available in the market. However, most of them are not permanent and they don’t assure that this problem will go away for good. 


The mechanism we have developed is special because it last forever.  So if you want to solve this problem indefinitely you should choose our Anti-fog Treatment. You will  be able to ride your motorbike without having to worry about the possible effects of condensation


Nano glass coating for car windows

nano glass coating car

Another very common daily occurrence is when the car windows get fogged up. This phenomenon happens when your car windows are cold and you turn on the heating system, or simply when the environment is a bit warmer. Whenever this occurs you are forced to take action fast since having a clear vision is vital while driving.


A lot of people turn on the air conditioning to fight the situation, or simply use their hands to remove the fog, However, these solutions are temporary and you might have seen in the past that the surfaces get foggy again really fast. Also, in winter quick fixes like opening the window can very uncomfortable.


But don’t worry, in Advanced Nanotechnologies we have developed a nano glass coating that fixes the problem permanently and for good! Apply our solution and solve the issue forever.


Nano glass coating for safety glasses

nano glass coating safety glasses

If you work in a factory or if you are a surgeon you probably have to utilize safety glasses to protect your eyes. This type of equipment is very common in professions where people work with chemicals or manage heavy machinery. And because the tasks developed by this kind of workers are really delicate it is also very problematic to get an impaired vision.


In this case, it is especially important to implement a solution that solves the problem for indefinitely. When you are performing the type of tasks that require safety goggles, it is most likely that your hands will be busy. Because of that, it is important to solve the fogging problem beforehand and in a permanent manner. 


Nano glass coating for eyeglasses

nano glass coating eyeglasses

If you use eyeglasses every day it is also important to keep them from getting fogged up. If you are driving your car or riding your bike throughout town and your glasses get fogged up you could have an accident. Because of this, it is very important for you to use an anti-fog coating solution.


As with the previous options, there are various available solutions in the market like sprays, waxes or other types of temporary quick fixes. But remember that it is better to solve this problem for good; that way you’ll be able to carry out any activity you want without having to worry ever again. 


Also, in winter your glasses suffer the effects from condensation more often. So, if you live in a nordic country or in a place with very low temperatures, the anti-fog nano-coating solution might be an interesting product for you. 


How does the Anti-fog coating developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies work?


We have solved the blurriness problem for good using a permanent method that we have developed. The X Fog Anti-fog solution uses an exclusive mechanism that possibilities the permanent component of this coating. The process consists of two steps: 


  1. Surface Treatment: First, we apply a nano-thin layer of material onto the surface. We are able to achieve this because of our ultra-high vacuum machines (UHV) that are based on physical vapor deposition.


  1. Maintenance: We also provide you with a special wipe specifically developed to maintain the anti-fog effect of the coating. We recommend you to rub your visors before every use to get the best results.

anti fog treatment

Using the previous mechanism we are able to achieve an antifog nano-coating solution that is permanent. You won’t have to worry anymore about having an impaired vision while driving or performing any type of important activity. 



What other applications does the anti-fog glass coating solution have?


One of the biggest advantages of our developed solution, besides the fact that it is permanent, is the fact that it can be used for other surfaces and equipment. Some of the appliances where you can use our nanocoating are:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Diving masks
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Mirrors
  • Automobile parts
  • Camera optics



The various surfaces where your solution can be used is very broad. Also, there are other ways in which you can use your product that we haven’t mentioned before. The applications you can give to this solution is up to your and your own creativity. But we can tell you without the hint of a doubt that this coating has multiple uses. 


Are you ready to apply an anti-fog glass coating solution?

If you are encountering problems with condensation and fog with a lot of frequency our anti-fog solution might be just what you need!


Also, Advanced nanotechnologies offers a wide range of products that have many applications and can solve a lot of problems. For example, we offer high vacuum machines that can be adapted for many applications; they are particularly useful for the automotive industry. 


Also, we offer low-friction and wear-resistant coatings that can be functional to lengthen the life of materials used in factories. They provide a high resistance surface that can stand a lot of damage. It is a solution for the effects that abrasion, frequent use, and friction have on objects.

anti-fog solutions

¿Do you want to hear more about our services?


Don’t hesitate in contacting us for any doubt or question you may have. We will be glad to help you. We have also created a web page that details all of the services we provide in order for you to get all the information you need. 


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