AN Anti-Fog Coating


High performance anti-fog



Great durability and resistance


Patented technology


Compatible with a wide range of materials


Fogging is a problem


Let things always be crystal clear. Don’t be blinded by moisture ever again.

Anti-fog coating

The Anti-Fog treatment developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. (AN) uses a patented technology to achieve excellent results in a wide variety of applications. To prevent surface condensation that occurs as a result of large differences in exterior and interior temperature, AN has designed a permanent exterior anti-fog technology using nano-coatings that leaves surfaces “fog-free”.

Why does fogging occur on surfaces?

Fogging occurs as a result of a phase change in matter. A common example can be observed in warmer, more humid countries when the water vapor present in the air comes into physical contact with the cooler lenses of eyeglasses. As a result of the drastic temperature differences between the two, the vapor turns into liquid on the surface of the lens.

Our anti-fog solution

Our Anti-Fog Treatment is permanent and works well even in high humidity. Our solution far exceeds the European standard BS EN 168:2002 and our coatings work perfectly on polymeric and glass substrates, raw or coated.

What can our anti-fog coating be useful for?

  • Regular Eyeglasses
  • Swimming Goggles
  • Safety Glasses
  • Reflective Surfaces on Automobiles
  • Mirrors
  • Car windows
  • Camera Optics
  • And more!

Your product – Our anti-fog solution!

Do not hesitate to bring your own product for the ultimate fog-free solution. If you are interested in implementing our anti-fog treatment on your own product and/or system, please contact us!

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