Low friction coating AN Black

Low friction coatings AN Black abrasion resistant coating

Low friction coatings are interesting for many industrial sectors since they lengthen the life of industrial parts. Our AN Black abrasion-resistant coating allows achieving coefficients of friction below 0.1 by providing a low friction surface with high resistance towards wear. Moreover, it is compatible with both plastic as well as with metallic surfaces.

Low friction coating


Wear resistant coating


Abrasion resistant coating


Effective on metal and plastic


The AN Black low friction nano-coating has a wide variety of industrial applications, especially those involving sliding surfaces or machine parts subjected to a heavy workload. Our coatings can help in industrial sectors such as electronics, energy, food & packaging, construction, marine industry, military, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and others.

The automotive segment shows the highest growth rate owing to the increase in using various types of nanocoatings. Asia-Pacific is currently an emerging market for automobiles, thereby providing opportunities for the new entrants. These coatings are widely adopted to protect automobiles from corrosion without compromising with their finish and serve as an ideal alternative to wax. Additional functions such as UV, abrasion, & wear resistance and self-cleaning properties make it a suitable option over the traditionally used coating materials.


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