Nanotechnology services for companies

Surface nanotechnology coatings

Advanced Nanotechnology is a provider of industrial technology, specialized in nano-coatings. We offer nanotechnology coatings capable of modifying the surface of our clients’ products to provide them with advanced features such as permanent anti-fog properties, higher wear resistance and more. Our nanotechnology surface coatings are already being applied successfully on a wide range of materials.

Nanotechnology services

We offer high vacuum machines that can match a great variety of applications of needs to companies of several industries. As nanotechnology specialists, we offer bespoke design solutions for your company, advice on nanotechnology surface coatings and nanotechnology solutions to companies with or without R&D team.

Coating services

With our high vacuum equipment, our clients can coat their pieces and provide them with differentiating characteristics that the market demands. We provide all the necessary equipment to coat single pieces as well as small batches or even larger pieces, over 1 meter. Contact us to use our high vacuum machines to improve the features of your products.

R&D solutions and support

Companies of many sectors have already tried our nanotechnology surface coatings: Hewlett-Packard, Magna Mirrors, Prats, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Decathlon, Cromaresme, Gestamp, Zanini, 2Cure, Walter Pack Group, Cron Systems, Continental, Turbo, Jaguar, Medit, Arena, Schneider and more.