Nanotech solutions and industrial protective coatings for many sectors

Advanced Nanotechnologies provides nanotech solutions to industries of the following sectors and more:


The automotive sector is a very mature sector that requires companies to constantly seek differentiation. Innovation and nanotechnology add value to their products by enhancing the performance of the parts and the features of the materials. We can provide anti-fog solutions for car windows, mirrors and low friction coatings for sliding surfaces.


Nanoparticles are used as additives in existing chemical compounds to develop new functions or reinforce the existing functions. Our technology and knowledge allow us to help chemical companies improving the performance of their products.


The printers sector constantly innovates. Nanotechnology is already used to make significant improvements in the parts and features of the printers by focusing on the development of solutions based on materials with nano-dimension.


The optical and ophthalmic sector is highly interested in nanotechnology anti-fog treatments for ophthalmic lenses as well as in anti-reflective nano-coatings amongst other. Nanotechnology solutions are integrated with the lenses as transparent thin layers to enhance the products functionalities. High-performance parts and features for printers.



Advanced nanotechnology supports and advises several companies and public research centres in projects related to nanotechnology and industrial protective coatings.


In a very competitive sector like sport, acquiring new materials (nanomaterials) is essential to gain a competitive edge. Our nano-coatings can make your products stand out of the rest.

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