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Leaders in performance technology for the automotive sector

The automotive segment shows the highest growth rate owing to the increase in using various types of nanocoatings. Asia-Pacific is currently an emerging market for automobiles, thereby providing opportunities for the new entrants. These coatings are widely adopted to protect automobiles from corrosion without compromising with their finish and serve as an ideal alternative to wax. Additional functions such as UV, abrasion, & wear resistance and self-cleaning properties make it a suitable option over the traditionally used coating materials.

Nanomaterials can be applied in car bodies as lightweight constructions without compromising the stiffness and crashworthiness, which means less material and less fuel consumption. The basic trends that nanotechnology enables for the automobile are:

  • lighter but stronger materials (for better fuel consumption and increased safety)
  • improved engine efficiency and fuel consumption for gasoline-powered cars (catalysts; fuel additives; lubricants)
  • reduced environmental impact from hydrogen and fuel cell-powered cars
  • improved and miniaturized electronic systems
  • better economies (longer service life; lower component failure rate; smart materials for self-repair)

The automotive sector is one of the most receptive to innovation. Advanced Nanotechnologies SL offers solutions based on high-end nanocoatings that improve the efficiency of mechanical systems – we provide new material properties to mechanical parts to reduce friction and improve wear resistance, often allowing simpler, more efficient, designs. We also offer anti-fog solutions for windows and windshields, which allow a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly driving without the need for electronics or external energy supply.

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