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Innovation in the ophthalmic and optical sector

Optical and ophthalmic sectors are constantly working with nano-coatings to improve the optical and mechanical properties of the lens surfaces. Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. has solutions for these sectors – we continue to provide innovative ideas that rapidly integrate into this industry.

Fogging occurs as a result of a phase change in matter. A common example can be observed in warmer, more humid countries when the water vapour present in the air comes into physical contact with the cooler lenses of eyeglasses. As a result of the drastic temperature differences between the two, the vapour turns into liquid on the surface of the lens.

The Anti-Fog treatment X-FogTM, developed by Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. (AN), is a patented technology that achieves excellent results in a wide variety of applications. To prevent the surface condensation that occurs due to large differences in exterior and interior temperature, AN has designed a permanent nano-coating for plastic and glass substrates with anti-fog materials that leave surfaces “fog-free”, which is an ideal solution for lenses on glasses and other products related to the ophthalmic and optical sector. This technology is possible due to a two-step process of surface treatment and maintenance.