On May 24th, Antonio Onteniente participated as a speaker in the World Chemistry Forum 2019 (WCF-2019), is organized by International Science and Technology Conference Institute (ISTCI) and held during 22, 23 and 24 of May in Barcelona.

The Organizing Committee invites the participants from all over the world to take part in this event. WFC focused on the three areas: analytical chemistry, catalysis, and nanotechnology in chemistry.  It aims to provide a grand platform for the professionals, decision-makers, and students to share their research achievement at the event. Also, WFC had a multidisciplinary conference providing more than 500 participants internationally.

In the area of nanoscience, the following topics were discussed: Nanochemistry, Advanced and Smart Nanomaterials, Nano-Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, Application of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Nano-Fabrication, Characterization and Nanoengineering, Nanoelectronics, NanoOptics, NanoPhotonics and Nanomagnetism, Nano Devices, Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology in Energy & Environment.

Mr. Onteniente did a conference titled “Engineering Surface. Nano-coatings; from Laboratory to Industry”. Also, he made a speech thanking the organizers. In the “speech abstract” we can see a brief recap of the presentation:

 “First of all, on behalf of my institution, International Science and Technology Conference Institute (ISTCI), please allow me to express my most sincere thankfulness to you for taking out your valuable time to show up at our conference on “Analysis, Catalysis, Nanoscience”. I am happy to say that the conference was a success. I hope you had a great meeting also. Your being there unquestionably made the conference more ecstatic and remarkable. The sparkle of your viewpoints and your motivating words helped to fresh up the minds of all the listeners. We enthusiastically thank you for this great contribution and support. We wish to do more better projects in the future and will be seeking your response. Hope to maintain a prolonged relation.”

We consider the WCF forum to have been a great success and we hope to be participating and at the event for many years to come.